Canon PIXMA MP530 Compatible Ink Cartridges (CLI8 BK,C,M,Y)

Canon PIXMA MP530 Compatible Ink Cartridges (CLI8 BK,C,M,Y)
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Color Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow
Type Inkjet Cartridge
Capacity High-Capacity
Also Replaces Canon CLI-8BK Black (0620B002AA), CLI-8C Cyan (0621B002AA), CLI-8M Magenta (0622B002AA), CLI-8Y Yellow (0623B002AB)
100% Satisfaction Guarantee Our Quality Compatible Canon PIXMA MP530 Ink Cartridges are professionally designed to produce the highest quality printouts in your Canon PIXMA MP530 printer. We back every single one of our products with a one year, 100% guarantee.


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